Jessica Hagan

Jess Hagan is a screen and fiction writer who also publishes a healing arts blog with Urban Healers of LA.com.  

With over two decades of training in the theater/dramatic arts her writing strengths are in believable dialogue and character transformation.  She is passionate about providing compelling copy with high stakes and life-affirming messages. Jess Hagan has written seven screenplays on spec and two drafts of a science fiction novel.  She has over fifteen years of experience in the Los Angeles film industry collaborating on projects ranging from fiction to documentary.   She manages three blogs about alternative healing arts. Jess has been a ghostwriter for numerous independent filmmakers, a staff writer for Open Road Films, and has been actively involved in writing room critiques for over ten years with the LA Writers group and the LA Writer’s Lab where they submit, read, and critique original fiction. 

“My interest in the power of fiction comes from a deep love of humanity and a desire to make lasting connections.”

Screenplays by Jessica Hagan

Romance/Western "A Room With A View set in the American West with an all black cast."

Jemma Dupont sets out to found an all-black town in Nebraska in 1873 and does not plan on falling in love with the cowboy and drifter, Sheldon Clay who gambles his life to try to win her hand in marriage.

Mystery/Thriller "Rush meets A Scanner Darkly deep in the woods."

Rhoda, an undercover narcotics cop is sent to a remote rehap in the woods to break a substance addiction and find reality while also uncovering the dark cult conspiracy that killed her mentor and locked her away.

Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere

Mystery/Romance "A modern-day Agatha Christy style adventure."

A modern-day Renaissance Festival ends in death and confusion which sends Fay, a garment maker on a winding path of historical intrigue that leads her to find an ancient, priceless artifact as well as true love.

Teen Thriller/Comedy

A group of high schoolers must break an ancient curse compelling their older siblings to kill them.



Psychological Thriller

A dream researcher enters into a collective dream with total strangers to solve a murder mystery from 1923.

Story Catcher

Story Catcher

Hollywood Satire

A famous American actor escapes the dangerous affection of an unhinged fan.